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Six Sentinels understands what it takes to achieve compliance in complex regulatory environments. We have developed our consultation process to apply our skills and experience in Big Data, real time analytics and information management to solve your compliance and regulatory problems.

Six Sentinels also understands that while many organizations have a valuable library full of information, they lack the tools for interpretation, meaning that useful data that could dramatically increase organizational knowledge lie dormant and untranslated. We want to help you change that.


Six Sentinels brings a broad range and depth of skills to our projects. We combine over 50 years of collective experience in risk, information, and records management with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies and specifications, including RDF, Linked Data, SPARQL, R, Python, Hadoop, MapReduce, MatLab, Mathematica, Big Data Real-Time Analytics, Data Science, and Web Science.

“Web Science represents a pretty big next step in the evolution of information. This kind of research is likely to have a lot of influence on the next generation of researchers, scientists and, most importantly, the next generation of entrepreneurs who will build new companies from this.” -- Eric Schmidt, the Executive Chairman of Google

Six Sentinels Solutions

Working with the latest semantic and big data technologies, Six Sentinels can help you draw together the data you need from the many disparate sources across your organisation. We can help you test the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of your data and show you how to draw meaningful insights and conclusions from it.

We will work with you to define the problem under analysis and then develop the analytical requirements before reviewing all the possible sources of data available to you, both structured and unstructured.

We also examine your policies and use them in the analytical process, and we look at your people and how working relationships are structured in your organisation, both formally and informally. We model your organisation's 'Social Circles' – the network of employees responsible for the processes and duties to manage and comply with external regulations. With these Social Circles we can build Knowledge Maps that reveal significant insights into decision making in your organisation.

This provides a macro-level view of an organisation's resource network in terms of its employees, processes, and duties.

We build on your existing technology platforms and partner with your current suppliers. We do not prescribe complex infrastructure of our own. Instead we extract data from your current systems for processing in our lightweight middleware layer as and when it is required, which you can interrogate through simple apps that we design specifically for you.

Your line of business systems remain unchanged and yet your understanding of them, and that of your organisation as a whole, is profoundly changed.

Active Data Intelligence

Active Data Intelligence (ADI) helps organizations overcome the risks associated with compliance, legal, and regulatory issues. Designed as an active platform to monitor an organisation's information space in real-time, data is collected, transformed, unified, and, organised using intelligent processes in order to expose implicit Social Circles which emerge from inter-organisation interactions. By exposing data located within an organisation’s vast collection of user- and machine-generated documents, ADI reveals areas which could present risk within an organisation's day-to-day operations. Data is drawn from the many disparate sources across an organization, providing users access to heterogeneous forms of historical and real-time data, visualizations, and analytics. It tests the accuracy, relevance and timeliness of data, drawing meaningful insights, and recommended actions. With Intelligent processes, ADI is continuously learning in order to enhance and refine an organization’s legal and regulatory knowledge, resulting in elegant solutions to compliance and regulatory problems.

Six Sentinels benefits

As cost centres in an organisation, legal and compliance departments are under constant pressure to control their costs.

Six Sentinels tests the cost effectiveness of an organization's existing compliance program against the Social Circles and business processes that monitor and implement it. We also allow you to create simulations to test the financial impact on the compliance program of adding or removing various players, and refining its comprehensiveness.

Our Knowledge Maps are constructed using semantic data representation techniques and a socio-technical approach, which provide a digital representation of the overall processes and running of the business, not only as a static representation, but as something that is dynamic, and can be visualized as such. This unique approach allows in-house legal and compliance teams to conduct real-time, in-house analyses and investigations related to compliance and big-case litigation before spending significant sums on outside advice.

Over the years we have worked with lawyers and compliance officers in organizations such as BT, Bank of America, HP, Clorox, Rio Tinto, Imperial Tobacco, BAE Systems, Shaklee, Taylor Woodrow, and Alcatel to name just a few, on matters as diverse as shareholder suits, reinsurance clams, patents, trademarks, contract disputes, construction, FCPA issues, and general legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

The Team

Tim Bovy, CEO & Co-founder: Tim has over 30 years of experience in designing and implementing various types of information and risk management systems for major law firms such as Clifford Chance and Ashursts; and for major accountancy firms such as Deloitte & Touche. He has also developed solutions for organizations such as BT, Imperial Tobacco, Rio Tinto, the Kuwaiti government, The Royal Household, and the US House of Representatives. Tim holds a BA degree, magna cum laude, from the University of Notre Dame, and MA and C.Phil degrees from the University of California.

Ian Hodges, COO & Co-Founder: Ian has worked in a variety of information management roles over a twenty year career. He has designed and implemented records and information management systems at a national scale, developing parts of the digital archive at The National Archives (UK). At a corporate level he's undertaken projects such as introducing a records retention tool at The Royal Household. Ian has also worked on a number of smaller scale solutions around better process design for a variety of organizations. Ian holds a BA degree from the University of Southern Queensland, a postgraduate diploma from Deakin University, Melbourne and an MA from Birkbeck, University of London.

Ramine Tinati, CTO & Co-founder: Ramine, who was initially trained as a Computer Scientist, has been developing analytics applications to study social media streams including Twitter, Facebook, and Wikipedia. His recent work with an international P.R. Company examines the flows of content between individuals within social networks and provides a classification of users based on their dynamic characteristics. Analytics and Visuals are integral to this, not only providing a means to analyze large networks of communications, but also offering a solution to visualize them dynamically and in real-time. In addition to this, As a Research Fellow on the SOCIAM Project University of Southampton, Ramine is working on a large-scale distributed platform known as the Web Observatory, which involves the collection, curation, sharing and analysis of Web data using a range of big data solutions and semantic technologies. As part of this work, Ramine is involved in transforming and analyzing multiple streams of content in order to extract value-added insight. Ramine holds a PhD in Web Science from the Web and Internet Science Group at the University of Southampton, UK, A MSc Web Science, and a BSC (hons) in Computer Science.

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